About MACA

Who We Are

The Mississippi Agricultural Consultants Association is a professional alliance of independent crop consultants who provide a unique service to the producers of Mississippi.

A Unique Service

So what’s so unique about their service? And what really makes this group of consultants elite?

Their service is unique for many reasons. To summarize, our voting members are consultants who are educated, trained continually, experienced, and ethical. Each MACA member has a college degree or higher in a relevant field of study…many have graduate or doctoral degrees in an agricultural or biological field.

They also have passed a rigorous state test to become licensed in one or several consulting categories. In addition, many have professional certifications.

To remain licensed and certified, each member must attend many hours of continuing education classes between each growing season.

Finally, MACA members are those who have met all of the above requirements, are actively consulting in Mississippi, have agreed to a stringent code of ethics and are recommended for membership by other members and farmers based on their professionalism and experience.

An Elite Group

What makes us ‘elite’ is spelled out in our code of ethics. To summarize, our code states that no member will accept money directly or indirectly from the sale of any crop input (such as chemicals and fertilizers).

This seemingly simple fact means that MACA member’s clients give unbiased recommendations that are ALWAYS—with no reason to question or ever doubt—in the best interest of their grower-client’s bottom line. Were it not for the fees their clients paid, an MACA member would have no source of income.

And, well, we feel that’s reason enough to call ourselves an elite group of professionals.