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Skip Wilson
662.231.4710 (c)
662.238.2823 (f)

For specific information, visit one of AMVAC’s web sites by clicking on the link: www.impactherbicide.com or www.smartboxsystem.com.

Alvin Rhodes, Technical Service Representative
Madison, MS 601.672.6332 (cell)
alvin.rhodes” followed by “@” and then “basf.com

Rhett Ruscoe, Business Representative
Clarksdale, MS 662.645.5515 (cell)
rhett.ruscoe” followed by “@” and then “basf.com

David Chaney, Business Representative
Clveland, MS 601.334.3036 (cell)
david.chaney” followed by “@” and then “basf.com

Vick Nickels, Business Representative
Starkville, MS 662.571.3259 (cell)
vicktor.nickels” followed by “@” and then “basf.com

Dustin Smith, Innovation Specialist
Raymond, MS 601-862-9606 (cell)
dustin.smith” followed by “@” and then “basf.com

For specific information, visit BASF’s web site by clicking on the link:

Earl Hunt, 124 Wildwood Dr., Madison, MS 39110
Manager, Gulf Coast District

601.856.9700 (o), 601.856.9766 (f), 601.597.7988 (cell)
earl.hunt” followed by “@” and then “bayer.com

David Cummins, 243 Ingelside Dr., Madison, MS 39110
Technical Sales Representative

662.853.9844 (o), 601.856.4169 (f), 601.672.3180 (cell)
david.cummins” followed by “@” and then “bayer.com

Ned Darbonne, 134 Wildwood Dr., Madison, MS 39110
Senior Technical Sales Specialist

662.853.9619 (o), 601.853.9617 (f), 601.940.7368 (cell)
ned.darbonne” followed by “@” and then “bayer.com

Seth Herren, 8755 Dehart Dr., Olive Branch, MS 38654
Technical Sales Representative

662.893.8504 (o), 662.910.9213 (cell)
seth.herren” followed by “@” and then “bayer.com

Steve McPeek, 2929 Lorance Road, Clinton, MS 39056
Technical Sales Representative

601.866.4800 (o), 601.866.2218 (f), 601.954.6591 (cell)
steve.mcpeek” followed by “@” and then “bayer.com

Beau Pace, 2160 Highway 446, Boyle, MS 38730
Technical Sales Representative

662.571.2070 (cell)
beau.pace” followed by “@” and then “bayer.com

Sam Garris, 99 Little Big Mound Rd., Bentonia, MS 39040
Technical Service Representative

662.755.9952 (o), 601.668.8291 (cell)
sam.garris” followed by “@” and then “bayer.com

Andy White, 392 CR 83, McCarley, MS 38943
Principle Agronomist

662.237.4173 (o), 662.417.5081 (cell)
andy.white” followed by “@” and then “bayer.com

Bobby Hendrix, 1119 Cloverdale, Greenville, MS 38701
Seed Growth – Key Account Management

662.347.0427 (cell)
bobby.hendrix” followed by “@” and then “bayer.com

Chip Graham, P.O. Box 1046, Grenada, MS 38901
Principal Scientist – Seed Growth

662.668.0708 (cell)
chip.graham” followed by “@” and then “bayer.com

For specific information, visit one of Bayer CropScience’s web sites by clicking on the link:

Brandt Co logo

Jay Turner
Midsouth Technical and Sales Manager
Brandt Consolidated
8050 Meadow Creek Cove
Olive Branch, MS 38654
Cell: 901-233-7530

For specific information, visit Brandt’s web site by clicking on the link:

Richard Myers
West Monroe, LA
318.396.0149 (O)
318.267.8775 (C)

Jim Barrentine
Fayetteville, AR
479-236-5709 (C)

Hunter Wilhelm
Area Sales Manager, MidSouth/Delta
Collierville, TN

Fred Fenimore
Area Sales Consultant
Florence, SC

For specific information, visit Cheminova’s web site by clicking on the link:

Cresco Ag, LLC.
Chism Craig PhD
Memphis, TN
901-575-0203 (O)
chism@crescoag.comFor specific information, visit Cresco’s web site by clicking on the link:

Jonny Spivey
662.887.6945 (o)
662.887.7850 (fax)
662.207.0878 (cell)
jspivey” followed by “@” and then “dow.com

Kerry Saylors
662.256.3422 (o)
662.256.3454 (fax)
662.256.0620 (cell)
klsaylors” followed by “@” and then “dow.com

Brooks Blanche, Development Representative
318.350.9589 (cell)

For specific information, visit Dow’s web site by clicking on the link:

David Short
Madison, MS
601-856-9224 (O)
601-594-9223 (C)

Bill Long
Greenwood, MS
662-455-5412 (O)
662-299-0775 (C)

Michael Edwards
Pierre Part, LA
225-264-0413 (C)

For specific information, visit DuPont’s web site by clicking on the link:

Rusty Mitchell, PhD
Louisville, MS
662-803-9302 (c)
662-773-6697 (O)

Jack Clayton
Tunica, MS
662-357-5793 (C)
662-363-3466 (O)

For specific information, visit FMC’s web site by clicking on the link:

Glenn Kernodle
Canton, MS
601-573-5397 (C)
601-898-9116 (O)

Craig A. Sandoski, Development Representative – Mid-South
10413 Wynbrooke Lane
Collierville, TN 38017-4506
(901) 268-7668 (C)
(901) 861-6565 (O)

For specific information, visit Gowan’s web site by clicking on the link:

Josh Byford
Hernando, MS
662-769-0766 (C)
662-449-2842 (O)

Michael Kenty
Collierville, TN
901-409-6525 (C)
901-853-6525 (O)

For specific information, visit Helena’s web site by clicking on the link:

Bill Mosley, Account Leader
501-442-5093 (C)
501-758-9813 (O)

For specific information, visit MANA’s web site by clicking on the link:

Greg Ferguson
Madison, MS
601-317-2661 (C)
601-898-8408 (O)

Chris Daves
Clinton, MS
662-418-1492 (C)

For specific information, visit Monsanto’s web site by clicking on the link:

Byrne Carpenter
Senatobia, MS
662-292-4118 (C)
662-560-0998 (O)

For specific information, visit Nichino’s web site by clicking on the link:

North Mississippi

Hugh Beckham, Account Manager – 6556 Acree Woods Drive, Olive Branch, MS 38654 – 662-357-8105 cell 662-890-3282 office , hugh.beckham@pioneer.com
Brewer Blessitt, Area Agronomist, 55 Tanksley Road, Indianola, MS 38751
662-207-5723 cell 662-887-1330 office, brewer.blessitt@pioneer.com
Jeff Hollowell, Sales Consultant – 793 Co. Rd. 313, Oxford, MS 38655
662-671-1055 cell 662-513-6653 office, jeff.hollowell@pioneer.com

Middle Mississippi

Calvin Bowlin, Account Manager – 2112 County Care 316, Carrollton, MS 38917
662-897-6313 cell 662-237-6313, calvin.bowlin@pioneer.com
Brewer Blessitt, Area Agronomist – 55 Tanksley Road, Indianola, MS 38751
662-207-5723 cell 662-887-1330 office, brewer.blessitt@pioneer.com
James McPhail, Sales Consultant – 2220 Reed Road, Starkville, MS 39759
662-312-6924 cell, james.mcphail@pioneer.com
John Burt Strider, Sales Consultant – 1953 Grassy Lake Road, Charleston, MS 38921
662-647-1615 cell 662-647-3322 office, johnburt.strider@pioneer.com
Kelly Shutt, District Sales Assistant – 575 Liberty Road, Natchez, MS 39120
318-229-9153 cell, Kelly.shutt@pioneer.com

South Mississippi

Rick Ainsworth, Account Manager – 2216 Tribbett Road, Leland, MS 38756
662-822-1700 cell, rick.ainsworth@pioneer.com
Brewer Blessitt, Area Agronomist – 55 Tanksley Road, Indianola, MS 38751
662-207-5723 cell 662-887-1330 office, brewer.blessitt@pioneer.com
Stephen Lary, Sales Consultant – 109 Weldon Drive, Madison, MS 39110
601-214-5849 cell 601-605-2871 office, stephen.lary@pioneer.com
Gus Eifling, District Sales Assistant – 109 Hospital Street, Hollandale, MS 38748
662-379-5578 cell, gus.eifling@pioneer.com

For specific information, visit Pioneer’s web site by clicking on the link:

Jimmy Sanders, Inc.
Gill Corban
Greenville, MS
662-822-2786 (C)

For specific information, visit Jimmy Sanders, Inc.’s web site by clicking on the link:

Southern Soils Lab Inc.
117 Haley Barbour Parkway
Yazoo City, MS 39194
Email: lab@southernsoilslab.com

Kathryn Merkle

Bryan Kennedy

Dee Boykin

For specific information, visit Southern Soils Lab’s web site by clicking on the link:

Mason Bennett – District Manager
Oxford, MS 901-359-8311

Trey Koger, PhD – Technical Representative
Indianola, MS  662-207-1604 (C)

Tripp Walker – Sales Representative
Starkville, MS 662-822-7250 (C)

Tommy Killebrew – Sales Representative
Madison, MS 601-573-0357 (C)

Michael Lott – Sales Representative
Cleveland, MS 662-402-1290 (C)

Briley Tomlinson
Sales Rep – Northwest MS. 601-620-8690 (cell)

Trey Sandifer
District Specialist MS & LA. 662-528-2525

Ryan Jackson
PE Scientist MS. 662-588-8704

Chris Smith
Agriedge Specialist MS. 662-458-4095

For specific information, visit Syngenta’s web site by clicking on the link:

John David Bassie
Brandon, MS
662-719-3974 (C)

For specific information, visit Valent’s web site by clicking on the link:

  • RSS AGFAX AgriCharts

    • AgFax Weekend: 25 Top Ag News Items this Week November 28, 2015
      Happy Thanksgiving! We had 25 news items we didn’t want you to miss this week.
      Debra Ferguson
    • Rose on Cotton: Unusually Strong Holiday Volume Offers a Boon November 27, 2015
      Following a difficult planting and growing season and amid horrid late harvest conditions, US producers have struggled to be thankful as the holiday season commences. That said, ICE Mar cotton
      Ernst Undesser
    • Drought Monitor: Heavy Rains Across Central U.S. November 27, 2015
      Summary A strong upper-level low pressure system funneled Gulf of Mexico moisture into the central U.S. at the beginning of this USDM week, triggering widespread heavy rains and severe weather.
      Ernst Undesser
    • Peanut Stocks: Utilization Up Slightly November 27, 2015
      Peanut stocks reported in commercial storage on October 31, 2015 totaled 3.96 billion pounds of equivalent farmer stock, compared with 4.25 billion pounds a year ago. This total includes 3.34
      Ernst Undesser
    • USDA: Peanut Price Highlights November 27, 2015
      Peanut prices received by farmers for all farmer stock peanuts averaged 16.5 cents per pound for the week ending November 21, down 2.8 cents from the previous week. Marketings of
      Ernst Undesser
    • Weekly Cotton Market Review – USDA November 27, 2015
      Spot cotton quotations were virtually unchanged from the previous week, according to the USDA, Agricultural Marketing Service’s Cotton and Tobacco Program. Quotations for the base quality of cotton (color 41,
      Ernst Undesser
    • Georgia Pecans: Crop Unlikely to Meet Early Projections November 27, 2015
      University of Georgia Cooperative Extension pecan specialist Lenny Wells fears Georgia’s pecan crop will fail to meet initial production projections by as much as 20 million pounds. Instead of the
      Ernst Undesser
    • Arkansas: Soybeans Steady Despite Rough Weather; Winter Wheat Suffers November 27, 2015
      Despite heavy flooding in both the Arkansas River Valley and the Mississippi River, along with delayed planting and temperature fluctuations throughout the year, Arkansas soybean production will likely remain close
      Ernst Undesser
    • Texas Pecans: Light Deliveries, Moderate to Good Demand November 27, 2015
      Deliveries by growers to delivery points of Improved varieties were very light. Demand was fairly good for good quality pecans. Pawnee, Cheyenne and Choctaw currently being harvested, as well as
      Ernst Undesser
    • Louisiana Pecans: Very Light Deliveries with Most Sales to Retail November 27, 2015
      The weather forecast for the next week calls for low temperatures ranging from the low 40s to mid-60s, and high temperatures ranging from the mid-50s to upper 70s. There is
      Ernst Undesser