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Reporting from the South Delta, Trent LaMastus, Cleveland
8/18/2017 – Cotton – My cotton ranges from 6 NAWF to starting to open. I have cut out some fields but, I’m still finding eggs in fields that have a lush terminal. Plant bugs remain light overall and spider mites are in check for now. The biggest problem for me is the excessive boll shed from the weather over the last two weeks and from target spot. I’ll be checking some of my cotton until about the 15th of September.
Soybeans – My soybeans range from r5.3 to harvest aids being applied. We would have desiccated a large portion of our fields last week and this week if not for the weather. We have treated or are about to treat for RBSB everywhere. Loopers are starting to build in several later fields and many will receive treatment over the next few days. Our oldest soybeans are not the bumper crop it was just 14 days ago due to the weather.
Corn – Corn is being harvested between rains in s few places and the yield is GREAT. If we get it all out it will be the best some of my growers have ever had.

Reporting from South Mississippi, Trey Bullock, Hattiesburg
8/17/2017 – Scattered thunderstorms still caused problems most of the week. Today was the first day without rain. We’ve had lots of wash offs and some fields just entirely too wet to spray. Plant bugs have exploded in places and treatments are going out where possible. Bollworm moths seemed to have slowed down this week. Still flushing a few but nothing like last week or beginning of this week. Most of this cotton got treated last week for bollworms with really good results on some and less than desirable on others. Boll rot as well as target spot is really bad in older cotton.
Peanuts are being treated for VBC and loopers. I’ve never seen the numbers of leps in peanuts like I am seeing this week. They have really hit peanuts hard and moths are being flushed in extremely high numbers. All fields that were receiving fungicides this week were treated for worms. Most fields that aren’t getting fungicides are getting treated for leps.
Late soybeans on the west side of my area are being pounded by bollworms and loopers. Treatments have been made and hopefully they will give us a break. These beans have been treated twice and they are at full bloom today. Aerial web blight is showing up in lots of fields and growers are still having trouble getting treatments out.
Corn harvest has started but most got rained out the day they got started.

Trent LaMastus sent these photos of Redbanded Stink Bug immature, cotton boll shed from target spot and evidence of continued egg lay in cotton.

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