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Reporting from the South Delta, Tim Richards, Yazoo City
8/13/2017 – Too much rain is the story for the last week here. Accumulated amounts ranging from 6-15 inches have been recorded and it’s still ongoing. In cotton, insect pressure has been light since the big bollworm flare-up we all experienced 3 weeks ago but the last week we’ve been flushing quite a few bollworm moths along with a lot of looper moths. Fresh bollworm eggs are easy to find now along with light plant bug numbers and lingering spider mites. Stink bugs are on the move also. We’ve been spraying pyrethroids plus Acephate plus heavy rates of pix the last three days to hold growth and insects back but numerous applications are not getting the dry time we would like but it’s still better that waiting.
Red Banded Stink Bugs in the youngest soybeans are well above threshold in a very wide area and are being treated with pyrethroids plus Acephate as weather allows. The youngest beans will require close watch for a while yet I’m afraid.
Corn yields reported so far are as good as it gets but everyone is on hold waiting for favorable weather. It appears we have a very good crop all around if the rain will let up.

Reporting from South Mississippi, Trey Bullock, Hattiesburg
8/14/2017 – Cotton is from 2nd week of bloom to open boll. Rains have continued to cause lots of problems in cotton. Plants are having trouble sticking fruit with rains every day. We basically were rain free Saturday and Sunday for the most part. Bollworms are still persisting with some fields getting treatments and some just too wet too run. These fields that are still too wet got about 1.5″ this evening so we are out a few more days. Plant bugs are still relatively low. Whiteflies are becoming easier to find but nothing at treatable levels. Hope they stay that way.
Peanuts are from 70 to 120 dap. Still trying to stay on top of late leaf spot. This is very challenging due to wet fields and rains. We’ve done surprisingly well under these conditions. We just need to be able to get back in soon. Worms of all flavors are in the peanuts with some really eating lots of foliage. Treatments are going out with fungicides with some fields strictly getting treated for worms. VBC and loopers are the primary leps and VBC moths are thick in the fields. Grass is becoming a big problem as well.
Soybeans are from R2 -R7. Aerial web blight is becoming more prevalent as beans lap up. Again, having trouble getting treatments out due to rain. Insects are really picking up across the board. VBC and loopers have really picked up this week. Most older beans have had one treatment for RBSB.
Corn is just sitting in the field. Hopefully rains will give growers a window to get it out.

ArkLaMiss Emergency Forum on Redbanded Stink Bug
(Update with Link and Agenda)

By Angus Catchot, Extension Entomologist August 12, 2017 11:37

Updated on Tuesday August 15 for the Meeting on August 17 at 2:00pm
The link to join the live feed is :
During the live stream: Questions can be sent via text to: (662)394-1919

Tentative Agenda:
1:30-2:00 – Registration
2:00-2:10 – Welcome, Introduction, and Purpose – Jeff Gore, Mississippi State Univ.
2:10-2:25 – Louisiana Update – Sebe Brown, LSU AgCenter
2:25-2:40 – Arkansas Update – Gus Lorenz and Nick Seiter, Univ. of Arkansas
2:40-2:55 – Mississippi Update – Angus Catchot and Don Cook, Mississippi State Univ.
2:55-3:25 – Current Research and Injury Potential – Jeff Davis, LSU AgCenter
3:25-Until? – Consultant Updates and Open Forum

There have been numerous questions around the potential damage severity of Redbanded stink bug in soybean in Arkansas and Mississippi. We have had well over 150 calls this week alone on insecticide efficacy, thresholds, and insecticide termination. With any new pest that has such high damage potential and changes traditional management considerations, naturally there are lots of questions being asked from areas of Mississippi and Arkansas where this pest has not commonly occurred.
Due to the potential severity of this pest, and the large number of acres being treated and lined up to be treated, we are hosting an ArkLaMiss Emergency Forum on Redbanded stink bug, Thursday, August 17 at the Capps Center in Stoneville at 2:00 p.m. The goal of the meeting is to share and provide all the current data associated with RBSB and hear from academics and consultants in LA who have learned to manage this pest successfully over the years where it routinely occurs.
• University researchers, extension, and consultants from Louisiana, Arkansas, and Mississippi will be sharing data and experiences managing Redbanded stink bug in soybean
• Data on damage potential, yield loss, insecticide performance, thresholds, and insecticide termination will be shared by group
• Meeting will be streamed and recorded for those who cannot be in attendance
• Meeting is free and open to all who have questions on management of Redbanded stink bug in Mid-South soybeans
• More information will be coming out on Monday on Tuesday about the meeting details and how to live stream the feed
We hope to have as many stakeholders present from the ArkLaMiss area as possible. Feel free to share this information with anyone interested in learning the latest management strategies for RBSB

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