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Reporting from the North Delta, Joe Townsend, Coahoma
7/5/2017 – Cotton – The crop ranges from 8th node (replant) to 15 nodes. We are in our third week of treating for plant bugs. The insecticides are working but there is still migration in. Most all the cotton needed a thrips treatment. Aphids flared in just a few fields recently. We’ve had good rains so far and the cotton looks really good.
Soybeans – Beans go from just emerging (wheat beans) to R5.8. The majority of the beans have not needed an insecticide yet. The season we’ve had so far make this crop look it’ll be a home run….EXCEPT for the many fields with dicamba damage.
Corn – All fields except a few late planted are into dent. We had a handful of fields needing a stink bug spray early on but not much else. The rain meant that the dryland fields look as good as the irrigated.

Reporting from the North Delta, Joseph Dean, Cleveland
7/6/2017 – Beans range from V4 to R5.5. We have been applying fungicide at R3-4. Up this point that stage of beans have been clean and have not had to add an insecticide. Stink bugs are starting to build in R5 beans. Picking up an occasional RBSB. At this point we have only treated 120 acres for stinkbugs that was bordered by corn on 3 sides. We are picking up an occasional pod worm and flushing moths in places.
Corn is from Dent to 50% milk line. We’ve found Southern Rust in a couple spots but are not too worried with the milk line where it is.
Cotton ranges from 12 to 15 Nodes. It has started to bloom this week. Plant bugs have not been terrible but have been persistent in places. We have been dealing with mostly migrating adults but are finding threshold of 1-2 day old nymphs today.

Reporting from South Mississippi, Trey Bullock, Hattiesburg
7/11/2017 – Rain still seems to persist in most areas. It seems like we are going to miss rain for a day but seem to catch thunderstorms between 4 and 6 most days somewhere. We have gotten in most fields and cleaned up aphids. Finding eggs and flushing bollworm moths. Most cotton is just blooming with exception of some cotton on the west side of my area that’s in third week of bloom. Plant bugs, over all are light in most of my area with a few areas really picking up this week, especially around corn. We are applying some Ammonium Sulfate in some fields where nitrogen has been leached or cotton is showing deficient. Other deficiencies showing up. Soil samples and tissue samples are being pulled to find out other issues. These symptoms are mainly showing up in sandier fields. All similar soil types are showing same symptoms regardless of county. Not real sure what’s going on but we need to figure out soon.
Corn is at roasting ears to 10 days till black layer. Southern rust has blown up in some older corn but only need 7-10 days so we should be okay.
Peanuts are looking like peanuts where rains have at least slacked up a little. Apogee apps are going out on peanuts that are lapped. Insects and disease are almost nonexistent for now.
Soybeans are finally planted. Fields range from just cracking to R5.2. Herbicides are going out where needed and where it’s not too wet. No insect problems in soybeans at the present.

Reporting from East Mississippi, Burt Falkner, West Point
7/10/2017 – Cotton – Cotton ranges from 6-8 nodes to 12-17 nodes – started picking up blooms last week (NAWF 8-11). Treating isolated fields of plant bugs as numbers are down this week. Have treated a lot of young cotton for aphids and keeping aphids in check in older cotton with plant bug material – aphid numbers are down this week. We’re seeing the first slippage of worms in Bt cotton. Cotton is fruiting better with heat and suns. I had areas with 13 out of 15 days with rain. A lot of Pix out and still going out and lay-by – all over the board.
Soybeans – Growth stage of beans is from V8 to R5. Started fungicides plus Dimilin last week. Insect and disease pressure is low.
Corn – Corn growth stage is R3/R4. WE have not run pivots much this year, thanks for available moisture. I’m running into Southern rust at treatable levels in a few fields and a little Northern corn leaf blight. Rust is mainly variety specific.
Peanuts – All peanuts are laid-by and from 50–75 days old. The first fungicide is out on all fields – a little leaf spot but fungicide has that in check. Twin rows make a big difference in canopy closure. Lay-by materials are working well.

Reporting from the North Delta, Jim Arrington, Senatobia
7/11/2017 – Cotton – It’s been a struggle but finally starting to look like a cotton crop. Fruit set if good but plant bug numbers are on the rise. A lot of Diamond is going out in all treatments for nymphs. All treatments working well except where washed off by rain. Soybeans – All is quiet so far. Picked up about half a threshold of stink bugs in one field yesterday and beginning to see a bollworm moth or 2 next to corn fields.
Peanuts – Everything has had a leaf spot fungicide and most will have had a white mold shot by the end of the week. No insects to speak of at this time.

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