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Reporting from the South Delta is Jeff North, Madison
9/2/2013 – Late season insects in soybeans are making a run at us. The whole Lepidoptera complex and lots of green stinkbugs and red banded stinkbugs. Not so many brown stinkbugs at this time. Tank mixing Lep insecticides with acephate. Control with all mixtures is phenomenal. Concerned that we may have run out of water a little early this year. Lots of acres of beans last year in the 60 bushel per acre range. May be tough to do that this year, but with the mild temperatures we have had this year, who knows! Dry land corn is as good as I have ever seen. Maybe soybeans will hold up also. Recent market prices on the upside and this has stimulated some interest in selling this year’s crop. If market prices hold even somewhat and yields go along with it, we should be able to do it again next year. It will be very interesting to see how variety trials do with both corn and soybeans. It’s kind of sad not to even mention cotton or talk about yields and varieties these days, but that’s where we are with production agriculture today. The only thing that remains the same is that nothing remains the same.

Reporting from South Mississippi is Trey Bullock, Hattiesburg
9/3/2013 – Insects still remain light and dry weather still persists. Older cotton is getting just what it needs but wheat cotton needs a rain. No rain for the past 14 days is really taking a toll on the later planted cotton. Aphids are building in some fields but haven’t reached treatable levels. A few more fields were defoliated Labor Day and a few more will be defoliated at the end of this week.
Peanuts are extremely dry and beginning to really show it. Growers have spot sprayed a few fields for spider mites. Worms are almost nonexistent. White mold is still taking its toll in certain fields but can be found at some level in all fields. We don’t want a lot of rain but 3/4″ would be great within the next week.
Soybeans are really stressing as well and later planted fields need a rain soon. All fields that have irrigation are being watered. Insects are really light for this time of year in late beans. I hope everyone had a great Labor Day weekend.

Reporting from the North Delta is Jim Arrington, Senatobia
9/3/2013 – Cotton – beginning to terminate insecticide treatments on oldest cotton. Younger cotton still finding some treatable plant bug numbers along with a scattered bollworm. Combination of pyrethroid/acephate seems to be working well.
Soybeans – treating mostly stink bugs in older beans. A few fields being treated for bollworms, mostly in furrow irrigated fields.
Corn – harvest will start end of this week or by first of next week
Peanuts – hopefully last fungicide has gone out with maybe exception of a couple of late planted fields.
Crops look good overall. Fingers crossed! Thankful to have another crop almost in the books.

Reporting from the North Delta is Stoney Stonestreet, Clarksdale
9/3/13 – We got a rain yesterday in most areas – anywhere from ½ to 2”. Most cotton is terminated and a few fields will be done this week. Corn harvest underway with yields ranging from 215 up to 280 bu./a.
Soybeans range from R4 – R7. Bean leaf beetles are heavy in areas and some podworms are still treated in younger beans.

Tucker Miller, Drew, sent this photo of late season leaf spot in cotton. (click on image to enlarge)

Late season leaf spot in cotton - Miller, 9-13

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