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Reporting from the North Delta is James Bowen, Boyle
8/16/13 – Rice is about 50% drained. Stink bugs have been way above threshold. Every field has been treated so far. Starting to see some leaf blast in the Rex. Stratego is normally better on this disease. But a higher rate of Quilt will also work.
Soybeans range from R2 (wheat beans) to about the R6 to R7 stage. Most of the irrigated fields look really good, and some of the dry land in the areas that have been lucky enough to get the timely rain. This should be another good year for soybean yields. Finding a few bollworms in certain areas and in beans in the R4 to early R5 stages. Stink bugs have not been a problem so far. Treated just a few fields. I’m enjoying these cool temperatures and I’m sure the crops are too.

Reporting from South Mississippi is Trey Bullock, Hattiesburg
8/16/13 – Rains since Monday have totaled 3″ up to 5.5″. Rains shut all spraying down for most growers. Since last Saturday total rainfall in some areas was 8″.
Since cotton started opening on the west side of my area I think it has rained every other day through this past Wednesday. Wheat cotton still has a long way to go. With all the rain it has been a challenge to really get this late planted cotton under control. Although, this week is the first week that it looks like we finally got enough Pix in plant to finally get it under control. Cotton not planted behind wheat looks really good with excellent boll load is 2-3 NAWF. A few fields have been treated for plant bugs and stink bugs. Stink bugs picked back up to fairly high levels yesterday (Thursday) in most fields I looked in. Treatments will go out as soon as ground will hold sprayer.
Peanuts were being treated with fungicides before all the rain hit. Growers didn’t get through all fields so fungicide apps are being delayed with fairly high levels of white mold around in some fields. I will be looking at these fields today. Some spider mites showed up in some peanuts this week. This field has been missing rains all year and had gotten extremely dry. Rains this week will hopefully buy us a little more time. Leaf hoppers are extremely high around edges in all peanuts as well as garden leaf hoppers.
Corn harvest has been delayed basically until next week. The little bit of corn that has been cut was yielding 240-250 according to one grower.
Grain sorghum is from late boot to 50% flowering. Some fields need to be treated for head worms and again fields are too wet.
Soybeans are from R3 to R6. Fields are still wet and fungicide apps have been delayed a few days. Not a lot of insects in beans. Stink bugs are the main pest in soybeans right now.

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