Consultant Commentary – Up-to-Date Information from Mississippi’s Crop Professionals

Reporting from the South Delta is Haley Easley, Greenwood
4/6/2015 – Most corn acres got planted last week. Still some left to be planted but bout 90% in ground now. Looked at some coming up this morning that was planted last Tuesday.
Some beans have been planted but very few acres around greenwood. It doesn’t take long to get it in the ground anymore. I think this whole delta could get planted in 10 days if weather stays dry.

Reporting from East Mississippi is Bert Falkner, West Point
4/6/2015 – Rains of ½” last Friday and another ½” today has us full wet again – north and south of HWY 82. We still have some late burndown to get out. Very little corn has been planted in this area. It may be dry enough to start Thursday or Friday if drying conditions are good and we don’t get another rain. We’ll make the decision on whether to keep planting corn or switch to another crop around the 15th.
We’ve put out all of the N on wheat but we need good April weather on it. Very little disease present as of now.

Reporting from South Mississippi is Trey Bullock, Hattiesburg
4/7/2015 – A little corn got planted around the Hattiesburg area last Wednesday and Thursday. Some areas have still not been able to get in the field and it is full wet today. Lots of burn down finally went out last week as well. Rains since Friday have been from .5” to 1.8”, with the higher amounts being in the areas that are already wet. Some acres in these areas may switch over to soybeans. We are way behind on field work and looking at forecast, not many days this week to get anything done.

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Consultant Commentary – Up-to-Date information from Mississippi’s Crop Professionals

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Reporting from the North Delta is Justin George, Cleveland

Pictured (at bottom of post) is a field SE of Shaw, but most are like this over all the State. Wet! Notice the mushrooms. Planting of corn will start as soon as these guys can. We are Planning to apply mixed fertilize at planting.
Some very late burn down is going out this week. It never seems to pay to wait on this shot of spray. The spray that went out in Late January or Early February has done its job. I still really like the fall applied residual. That left some guys grinning cost-wise compared to full contact shot plus residual spray.
There is still a surprising amount of uncertainty concerning what mix most will plant. Rice acres appear to be down. Beans are up. Milo is being talked about again due to a strong positive basis. Some corn will be planted.
In spite of tightening of Budgets, many growers are talking about applying potash for beans that haven’t in the past. More soil sampling, moisture sensors, and Pipe Planner is being talked about as well. Extension Researchers should be commended!

Reporting from the South Delta is Tim Richards, Yazoo City
3/24/2015 – No field work in the south delta, everyone who will plant corn is past ready but we’re too wet. Burn downs are holding just need dry weather! Looks like my cotton acreage, right now, will be down 15%. Price of inputs and commodities has everyone worried.

Reporting from the North Delta is Bill Pellum, Clarksdale
3/26/2015 – Too wet to get any equipment in the field, but we are hoping to get some preemerge applications out soon. We’re cleaning up some ryegrass escapes in wheat and watching an infestation of aphids and rust. The earlier pecans are breaking bud now so we’ve got a phylloxera spray coming up.
We got a lot more fall preemerge and winter burndown acreage done this year; however, we’ve still got more to do.

Reporting from the North Delta is Tim Sanders, Sarah
4/1/2015 – Most wheat looks pretty good. A few herbicide and fertilizer applications were just wrapped up. Most fields have a few potholes that water thinned out but overall wheat made it through all the rains, snow and cold.
Burndown applications have been going out on soybean and rice fields. Most of what I had looked at had annual bluegrass, curly dock, henbit, etc. Ryegrass is being dealt with multiple paraquat applications since we were unable to make Select applications with the weather and now our planting window is too close for some crops.
Some of the driest fields were being planted to corn yesterday. We are still wet in most fields and more rain is expected. Hopefully we will get a break in the weather soon.

Below is a photo from Justin George, Cleveland, of a field of mushrooms.
Muhrooms - 3-23-15

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