Consultant Commentary – Up-to-Date Information from Mississippi’s Crop Professionals

Please note that the first three reports were made prior to last weekend’s rains.

Reporting from north Delta is Tucker Miller, Drew
5/14/2015 – Cotton: Still planting today ( 5/14 ). Should finish Saturday. 90% of our cotton is planted and up. Putting on a true leaf now, with very low thrips pressure at this time. Weed control is our main focus now. Almost half our cotton emerged without a rain to activate our pre’s. Hope for some rain this weekend. Most all cotton looks good with few stand issues.
Corn : Corn ranges from 3 collard leaves to 7 collars. Stink bug damage has been spotty, see more damage than we see live bugs. Irrigating some corn to activate herbicide and fertilizer.
Soybeans : about finished planting. Oldest beans 4th trifoliate. See green clover worms and a few boll worms. Will make first herbicide apps after the rain, pre’s held pretty good so far .
Milo: Early planted milo 6 leaves, some just emerging. No insect problems yet.
Peanuts: peanuts are just emerging, finished planting.
Sweet corn: first planting tasseling now. Have started insect control and using pyrethroid plus Lannate. Starting to see Diamond backs in the collards. Cutting greens now.

Reporting from the north Delta is James Bowen, Boyle
5/14/2015 – Rice- is about 95 % planted. Most of the first of April planted rice is going to a flood. I have seen more Gramoxone drift on rice this year than I have ever seen. It’s not the Gramoxone I worry about. It’s what is being mixed with it. Gramoxone boundary is tough on rice I think it’s just as bad as round up at the right dose and can be worse.
Soybean- soybeans are anywhere from laying in dry dirt to r 1. A lot of beans have been planted in the last two weeks and haven’t had much rainfall to keep the pre’s working. A rain is much needed. To keep the beans growing and pre’s working.

Reporting from south Mississippi is Trey Bullock, Hattiesburg
5/15/15–Cotton is probably 70% planted. Oldest cotton has two true leaves, most just up. Thrips are at threshold in isolated areas but no treatments have been made as of yet. Rains yesterday were from .1″ to 1″ around the Hattiesburg area. These rains should ensure a cotton stand. Some fields had a lot of seed sitting in dry dirt that were not going to come up without a rain.
Corn is from just planted to V-10. One grower finished planting yesterday.
Soybeans are from in the sack to V-7. Have picked up a few bollworms, cabbage loopers, and yellow stripes this week but none at treatable levels. Kudzu bugs are building to pretty high levels around edges especially on earliest planted beans. No treatments have been made as of now.
Peanuts are 60% planted and stand is looking really good. Rains helped in places but as of now, stand look as good as they have looked in a long time. No issues at this time.

Update from Trey Bullock after weekend rains:
5/18/2015 – Rainfall totals since Friday (including today-5/18/2015) are from 1.5 to 4.5. Planters have been shutdown since Friday around noon.

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Consultant Commentary – Up-to-Date Information from Mississippi’s Crop Professionals

Reporting from the south Delta is Dee Boykin, Yazoo City
5/7/2015 – Growers have been in the field for about a week now. After a struggle to get our corn acres planted in March, April presented the same problem for soybeans. Some isolated areas got their soybeans planted in April but most have been put in the ground since May 1st. Pigweed are a problem everywhere since our spring burndown residuals began to play out during the extended wet spring. Now the continuous winds and emerged crops surrounding the recently planted fields are causing problems with applying burndown and residuals before the seed germinate and emerge. We’re applying Gramoxone/Boundary where we can get it out pre and changing to Roundup/Prefix post. We’ve been seeing a fair amount of “damping off” of emerged soybean plants caused by chemical stress and seedling disease. Looks like most of the plants are growing out of it.
Cotton planting has begun and we’re faced with the same weed problems here. Maybe we’ll get a few calm days to get things under control.
Most of this soybean and cotton crop will be planted over about a 7-10 day span. We’ve been pretty lax to this point but things are about to change in the consulting world.

Reporting from the north Delta is Justin George, Merigold
5/8/2015 – Rice: we have been planted in Bolivar and sunflower counties for 3 weeks with the exception of a few fields. Lots of Gramoxone drift, as in Every field. Hot dry weather after cool wet has brought on seedling disease. Fertilizing and flushing.
North Delta rice growers are late to plant. Mostly hybrid on all my acres, but I would like more Pure line. I have some Rex, Cheniere, 152, 151, 111, and supposed to have some Mermentau….
Beans: people are apparently keeping up with bean planters and are spraying Gramoxone plus residuals. Some replant, but beans planted 5 days ago are coming up today.
Corn: low numbers of Stinkbugs but the corn I check is out in the wide open, no wheat or trees around. Flying out all fertilizer this year, and we are on our 2nd 200 pounds of 41-0-0-4 with Agrotain today, ahead of the next forecasted rain. All herbicide applied.
Milo: still in the bag. They wanted to plant mid-April but beans took priority and flat ground was wet. I don’t like mid-May milo’s chances.
Wheat: had bad glyphosate drift four weeks ago. Wheat looks much better now.

Reporting from the north Delta is Bill Pellum, Clarksdale
5/8/2015 – The wheat crop is from milk to soft dough. We’re not finding much scab but most was treated with fungicide. The wheat that was not treated has a good amount of leaf rust and Septoria.
Corn is up and growing. Growers are fertilizing and applying their main herbicide application and will starting irrigation if the rain predicted for this weekend doesn’t materialize. I’m finding a lot of brown stinkbugs that are coming out of the wheat and adding insecticide with the herbicides.
Cotton is being planted but none up as yet.
In general, some farmers are through planting and starting back around with their first post herbicide application. Where we’re still planting, we’re dealing with pigweed (some large) pressure even though it had a pre-emerge earlier. Where no pre’s were used earlier, we’re having problems with pigweed that we may not be able to control. No insect issues in any crop at this time but the ryegrass and pigweed are making up for it.
One point of interest – I found my 1st kudzu bug of the season this week, south of Clarksdale. It was on my pickup window!

Reporting from east Mississippi is Ty Edwards, Water Valley
5/8/2015 – We began planting last Thursday and have been wide open since then. All milo is planted, 75% of soybeans and at least 65% of cotton is planted with maybe 5% up.

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Consultant Commentary – Up-to-Date Information from Mississippi’s Crop Professionals

Reporting from the south Delta is Trent LaMastus, Cleveland
5/5/2015 – Corn – a little is at V4 but most is at V5-6. Nearly all is fertilized and laid by or it will be by weeks end. Installing moisture sensors in corn this week.
Soybeans are from V3 to just being planted and look good overall. Pre-emerge holding for now.
Cotton – some being planted now but none up on any of my growers.
Wheat scab showed up in a lot of my fields last week. Some had been treated with fungicide before symptoms appeared.
Milo is from V2 to just being planted.

Reporting from south Mississippi is Trey Bullock, Hattiesburg
Cotton planters started running last Thursday and have been nonstop. It was borderline too wet last Thursday and today moisture is almost gone. Soil temps last week were running 68-74 and looks like 1st planted cotton will be up today. (5 DAP) First peanuts were planted last Thursday as well, with soil temps at 4″ at 68-70. Yesterday had a 1″ root on them. As with cotton, moisture is getting scarce. We are planting a full 2″ now and may have to go down without a rain soon.
What little bit of corn that’s up is at V-7. Growers will crank up irrigation today as corn was beginning to twist up in isolated spots yesterday. Corn looks really good.
Soybeans are planted to V-5. No bug issues at the present time. I did pick up some loopers Saturday morning south of Hattiesburg but not at treatable levels. I’m assuming these are cabbage loopers and won’t be hard to kill if needed.

Reporting from the south Delta is Andy Tonos, Greenville
5/5/2015 – Wheat/Oat is at milk to soft wet dough stage. Disease and insects are light.
Rice is being sprayed and fertilized and still being planted. We’re seeing drift in a few places.
Corn – growers are trying to wrap up fertilizing and spraying and laying by. Insect pressure has been low.
Milo has just been planted and sprayed.
Soybeans are in all stages with the oldest at V3-V4. Planting, spraying; spraying, planting and some nothing.
Cotton – none planted yet.
The overall biggest challenge is getting crops sprayed no matter which way we try. We’ll need a rain soon as were losing moisture.

Reporting from the north Delta is Bruce Pittman, Coila
5/6/2015 – Cotton planting started last Thursday and the majority will be planted by Friday night. I’m looking at 400 acres that were planted April 1st. It’s up and beginning to show signs of life. Have not treated those acres for thrips – no need. My clients cotton acres will remain about the same as last year.
All intended acres of corn is up and getting prettier every day. We’re side dressing and pulling the middles getting ready to furrow irrigate. I’m seeing 1-2% stinkbug damage around field edges and finding paraquat drift on every acre.
Soybean planting is 70-75% complete.
Peanut planting is winding down – 80% plus complete
Ryegrass is scattered in all crops. Pigweed and mares tail are emerging but pre’s will help on these.

Reporting from the north Delta is Winston Earnheart, Tunica
5/6/2015 – Some of our earlier planted crops made it but we’re replanting some rice and soybeans. On the rice that survived, we’re being careful with herbicides because of seedling disease and general health of the crop. Rice acres are 10-20% planted with a long way to go.
The market is driving milo acres up – replacing soybeans. Although the earlier planted milo and corn has been waterlogged, both crops are growing and looking good. All intended corn acres by my clients were planted.
Our wheat crop is below average due to cold damage and waterlogged conditions. We treated a few fields for armyworms – no rust found.
Soybeans are about 20% planted and cotton is about 10% planted.
Pecans are showing potential with good flowering.

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Consultant Commentary – Up-do-Date Information from Mississippi’s Crop Professionals

Reporting from the North Delta is Tucker Miller, Drew
4/28/2015 – Cotton: No cotton planted yet in my area. If we miss the rain today 4/28 we will have some going in this weekend. Applying Reflex one some acres where were able to work end of last week. Plan to use Cotoran and Gramoxone behind the planter where pigweed is a concern.
Soybeans: About 10-15% planted in my area. Beans that are up are unifoliate stage pushing the first trifoliate. Will have to replant some acres due to crusting behind heavy rains. Pigweeds emerging where failed to get out a pre. Some minimal hail damage last week. Insect pressure very low at this time.
Corn: All the corn is planted now. Average growth stage is 4 collar leaves, ranging from a few acres not up to 5 and 6 collars. Fertilizer and weed control apps have been delayed due to wet weather. Lots of yellow, stunted corn in the low places. Spraying Roundup and atrazine to hold grass and weeds until we can layby. Insect pressure has been light to moderate. Brown stink bugs have been sporadic, here and there. Using Bifenthrin where feel threatened. See considerable slug damage in no till corn. Will continue to fertilize and make weed control apps when we can.
Wheat: Wheat is heading and flowering now. Applied fungicide last week when wheat was breaking boot. Disease pressure as well as insects are very low. See a few stink bugs in the wheat, but well below threshold. Wet weather has reduced tillering, but overall looks pretty good.
Peanuts: Have 30 acres planted. Still cold soils. Applying Valor, Dual, and Strongarm as pre. Using Admire Pro, fungicide, + inoculate in furrow.
Vegetables: sweet corn is planted. Transplanting collards now. First cutting on turnip greens 10 days out. Spraying Xentari, Radiant, and Avaunt in our rotation.

Reporting from South Mississippi is Trey Bullock, Hattiesburg
4/28/2015 – I have a total of 417 acres of corn and about 400 acres of beans up. Rains over the last couple of days have been from .5 to 1 inches. Fields are really wet and not a lot will happen this week unless weather turns around and it doesn’t look as if that will happen.
Corn is at V -6 and beans are from V2-4. No real issues other than a few fields need herbicide apps. Hopefully temps will rise and rains will subside soon.

Reporting from the South Delta is Herbert Jones, Leland
4/29/2015 – Hopefully growers are back in the fields planting by Thursday (today). Corn crop at 4th – 5th collar and has weathered the prior harsh weather okay. Few soybeans are either up or coming up. My challenge this week is to determine of beans need replanting. No problems with insects at this time.

Reporting from the South Delta is Haley Easley, Greenwood
4/29/2015 – We need dry days to catch up on soybean planting, to fertilize corn and to get weeds under control. Intended corn acres are planted, some as late as last week but all planted. About 50% of soybeans acres are planted – some growers are through and some haven’t started. Neither peanuts nor cotton planted yet.

Reporting from East Mississippi is Bert Falkner, West Point
4/29/2015 – Scattered rains from .1 to .9 stopped some field work but many can start back today (Thursday) and some not until Monday. Corn is about 20% planted. Seed is being returned to the dealers by some growers but some will continue to plant under the pivots until next week, if possible. The crop is at V2/3 and waterlogged. Side dressing has been delayed due to wet weather. Unplanted intended corn acres will switch to cotton, soybeans and maybe a little milo and peanuts. No beans or cotton planted at this time.
Applying a 2nd burndown for emerging ragweed, pigweed and marestail in all crops.
Wheat is at flowering to grain fill. Where planted behind peanuts on well drained soils the potential is very good. Most acres have a fungicide on it but where it doesn’t I’m seeing leaf rust. The conditions are right for head scab but haven’t picked any up yet.

Tucker Miller sent these photos of stinkbug damage in ryegrass and emerging pigweed where no pre was used. (click on images to enlarge)

stinkbug damage

emerging pigweed - no pre

And speaking of pigweed, Dee Boykin sent in this photo of pigweed flowering.

flowering pigweed

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Consultant Commentary – Up-to-Date Information from Mississippi’s Crop Professionals

Reporting from the South Delta is Haley Easley, Greenwood
4/6/2015 – Most corn acres got planted last week. Still some left to be planted but bout 90% in ground now. Looked at some coming up this morning that was planted last Tuesday.
Some beans have been planted but very few acres around greenwood. It doesn’t take long to get it in the ground anymore. I think this whole delta could get planted in 10 days if weather stays dry.

Reporting from East Mississippi is Bert Falkner, West Point
4/6/2015 – Rains of ½” last Friday and another ½” today has us full wet again – north and south of HWY 82. We still have some late burndown to get out. Very little corn has been planted in this area. It may be dry enough to start Thursday or Friday if drying conditions are good and we don’t get another rain. We’ll make the decision on whether to keep planting corn or switch to another crop around the 15th.
We’ve put out all of the N on wheat but we need good April weather on it. Very little disease present as of now.

Reporting from South Mississippi is Trey Bullock, Hattiesburg
4/7/2015 – A little corn got planted around the Hattiesburg area last Wednesday and Thursday. Some areas have still not been able to get in the field and it is full wet today. Lots of burn down finally went out last week as well. Rains since Friday have been from .5” to 1.8”, with the higher amounts being in the areas that are already wet. Some acres in these areas may switch over to soybeans. We are way behind on field work and looking at forecast, not many days this week to get anything done.

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Consultant Commentary – Up-to-Date information from Mississippi’s Crop Professionals

This post begins this crop season’s Consultant Commentary. Each week, I’ll post up-to-date remarks from MACA members from throughout the state. Subscribers will receive an email notifying them of a new post – usually on Tuesdays and Fridays. If you want to receive an automatic email each time a new post has been made, please click on “profile” under the heading “Subscribe” on the right side of the home page at

Reporting from the North Delta is Justin George, Cleveland

Pictured (at bottom of post) is a field SE of Shaw, but most are like this over all the State. Wet! Notice the mushrooms. Planting of corn will start as soon as these guys can. We are Planning to apply mixed fertilize at planting.
Some very late burn down is going out this week. It never seems to pay to wait on this shot of spray. The spray that went out in Late January or Early February has done its job. I still really like the fall applied residual. That left some guys grinning cost-wise compared to full contact shot plus residual spray.
There is still a surprising amount of uncertainty concerning what mix most will plant. Rice acres appear to be down. Beans are up. Milo is being talked about again due to a strong positive basis. Some corn will be planted.
In spite of tightening of Budgets, many growers are talking about applying potash for beans that haven’t in the past. More soil sampling, moisture sensors, and Pipe Planner is being talked about as well. Extension Researchers should be commended!

Reporting from the South Delta is Tim Richards, Yazoo City
3/24/2015 – No field work in the south delta, everyone who will plant corn is past ready but we’re too wet. Burn downs are holding just need dry weather! Looks like my cotton acreage, right now, will be down 15%. Price of inputs and commodities has everyone worried.

Reporting from the North Delta is Bill Pellum, Clarksdale
3/26/2015 – Too wet to get any equipment in the field, but we are hoping to get some preemerge applications out soon. We’re cleaning up some ryegrass escapes in wheat and watching an infestation of aphids and rust. The earlier pecans are breaking bud now so we’ve got a phylloxera spray coming up.
We got a lot more fall preemerge and winter burndown acreage done this year; however, we’ve still got more to do.

Reporting from the North Delta is Tim Sanders, Sarah
4/1/2015 – Most wheat looks pretty good. A few herbicide and fertilizer applications were just wrapped up. Most fields have a few potholes that water thinned out but overall wheat made it through all the rains, snow and cold.
Burndown applications have been going out on soybean and rice fields. Most of what I had looked at had annual bluegrass, curly dock, henbit, etc. Ryegrass is being dealt with multiple paraquat applications since we were unable to make Select applications with the weather and now our planting window is too close for some crops.
Some of the driest fields were being planted to corn yesterday. We are still wet in most fields and more rain is expected. Hopefully we will get a break in the weather soon.

Below is a photo from Justin George, Cleveland, of a field of mushrooms.
Muhrooms - 3-23-15

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