Consultant Commentary – Up-to-Date Information from Mississippi’s Crop Professionals

Reporting from the South Delta is Bruce Pittman, Coila
5/20/2016 – Cotton ranges from 4th true leaf to sill in the ground. Thrips are extremely heavy, 1-7/plant in cotyledon cotton – treating with acephate. Cotton planted last week in some areas where it didn’t get a rain is up to about a 60% stand and has run out of moisture. All of those areas also missed the100% chance we had for today.
All soybeans planted and are from 3 tri-foliates to just emerging. No issues in beans. Corn crop is From V4-V5 on down to hand high.
This has been one, if not the most, difficult start on all crops I’ve ever seen.

Reporting from the North Delta is Allen McKnight, Greenville
5/20/2016 – Heck of a year so far! We are fortunate to accomplish what we have so far.
About finished planting – heavier ground running out of moisture. Most everything has pre-emerge (Gramoxone and Boundary) and we’ve started pivots to activate herbicides in rice and beans.

Reporting from Northeast Mississippi is Homer Wilson, Fulton
5/19/2016 – We are about 90 percent planted. Cotton acres are double from last year. Stands are fair to good – may have to replant about 200 acres. Wind and cold hit us hard several weeks ago. About 24% of beans planted and most are up. Wheat looks food but lots of leaf rust on some nearby farms. Rain would be nice.

Reporting from the South Delta is Tim Richards, Yazoo City
5/23/2016 – We caught the same planting window as the rest of the state over the last few weeks and planted shallow in front of the rain that was predicted. Of course, the rain didn’t come and now we need moisture in the mixed to heavy ground to get a complete stand. All of my clients except one planted Liberty cotton that gives us more options in pigweed and marestail control. Thrips are heavy today and we’ll begin treatments. Cotton may not be picking up the seed treatment because of the dry weather. We still have a little cotton to planted but will wait on a rain.
Corn does not look good at all. Most was planted before heavy rains and then stood in water for a while and spot replanted resulting in a very un-uniformed stand. Soybeans need rain to set pre-emerge.

Reporting from the North Delta is Winston Earnheart, Tunica
5/23/2016 – COTTON: Growers are through planting cotton and have been challenged
with heavy thrips coming off of maturing wheat and winter weeds. Seed treatments are failing. We are finding cotton coming out of the ground with two thrips per plant, and some counts increasing from .5 per plant to 5 per plant in just three to four days. Old standby recommendations of either Dimethoate, Bidrin, or Acephate are being utilized but control may not last but 5-7 days.
RICE: Our area has gone from being behind in rice planting to virtually finished in just the last 7-10 days. Last weekend’s rains were spotty, and there will have to be some fields flushed up if rains do not come soon.
We have had good control on the earlier planted rice from preemerges, and many fields are receiving pre-flood herbicide, fertilizer, and flood. Applicators are doing a good job of preventing drift to non-target crops.
SOYBEANS: More farmers are starting clean, using good preemerges, and planting narrow (15-7.5 inch) rows. We are using more Liberty Link varieties, and results so far look good. We have, however, experienced some phytotoxicity on emerging seedlings from some of the herbicides. In some cases, this has either thinned stands or required some replanting. We have fields from just planted to almost lapping, and insects have been light.
CORN: Growers are finishing side dressing of fertilizer, and most all of the herbicides have been applied. Older corn is in V8, and the overall crop looks good. Irrigation is being initiated.

Reporting from South Mississippi is Trey Bullock, Hattiesburg
5/23/2016 – Cotton is 90% planted and most is up. Thrips are heavy, especially on the west side of my territory. Have had a few fields treated for cutworms but not a lot of acres as of today.
Peanuts are 90% planted. I think one grower has about 400 acres left to plant. We have never been this far along with peanut planting at this point. Oldest peanuts are 30 days old today and all fields are up that have been planted. Most fields were 80-90% up within 11-12 days. Stands are as good as I’ve seen in a long time. Heavy rains after planting when peanuts were emerging caused some vapor burn but nothing to be alarmed about. Most fields look normal again within a few days.
Corn is from just coming up to black silks. Most fields are progressing reallly good with no issues.

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