Consultants Commentary – Up-to-Date Information from Mississippi’s Crop Professionals

Reporting from the South Delta is Virgil King, Lexington
6/20/2016 – Cotton is looking much better at this time and starting to grow off with recent rains. Crop ranges from 2 nodes to 14, with most at node 9-10 nodes. Starting to see plant bugs move in and getting out pinhead applications at this time. We had some severe thunderstorms this past Friday and had damage from hail on some of our farms.
Our corn is at v15 to R3. No disease problems have been treated at this time. I have seen some Northern Corn Leaf Blight but still low in the canopy.
So far our soybeans have not had much pressure in them but we have started to sweep some stink bugs. There are a few other pest that show up occasionally in net but nothing close to threshold. We have not started any fungicide applications yet.
Peanuts are getting weed work at this time with some boron. I have not had any disease issues in them so far.

Reporting from the North Delta is Joe Townsend, Coahoma
6/20/2016 – Good rains in most fields. Cotton – Very light on insects at the moment. All cotton had to be treated earlier for thrips. Oldest is at 9th node and squaring nicely.
Corn – Oldest is at blister and the potential is looking really good this year. Some corn had to be treated for bollworm. Fungicide is out on a lot of the corn.
Beans – Ranges from not yet planted to r4. We’ve hardly treated any so far. Just starting to see loopers and stink bugs at threshold this week

Reporting from South Mississippi is Trey Bullock, Hattiesburg
6/20/2016 – Cotton is from 6th node to pink bloom. Plant bugs are all over the board but mainly pretty light. Plant growth regulators and herbicide apps are the primary activity in fields this week.
Corn is from pre tassel to full dent. Rains have helped a lot the past week but still have a few fields that could use a lot of rain. Seeing a little northern corn leaf blight today but nothing too concerning.
Peanuts are from 30 to 60 dap. Fungicides and growth regulators going out on older peanuts and herbicides on younger ones. No disease pressure as of now but I am picking up a few loopers – none at treatment level.

Reporting from North East Mississippi is Homer Wilson, Fulton
6/20, 2016 – We finally got a great rain on the 15th and then the 17th. About 80% of my area got from 2.25 inches to 3 inches. This should save our older corn which is in full silk. Most of the younger corn is pre-tassel and has good potential right now. Dry weather has been our limiting factor.
Cotton looks super. Old cotton is 9-10 nodes and should bloom about the 28th. Second planting is about 10 days behind. About 60% of our acres has had a plant bug spray. Numbers have not been high but old cotton had about 20% fruit loss before the rain. We started some PGR Fri. before it rained and finished today. We may have to spray more plant bugs late week and will add more PGR probably 5-6 oz. Having to put Envoke on some spotty marestail but most other weeds are in control.
Beans have had grass and weeds but dry weather has been main problem. Some 3 CAH and Jap beetles around but no real problems yet.
Wheat has cut well – lots averaging in the 60’s and test wts. have been mostly 58 to 60. Harvest is about 80% complete and some beans were going in today. Moisture is good right now. Hope everyone got some rain.

The photo below of a white and pink cotton bloom is from Bruce Pittman, Coila (6/19/2016).

cotton blooms - Pittman - 6-16

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Consultant Commentary – Up-to-Date Information from Mississippi’s Crop Professionals

Reporting from South Mississippi is Trey Bullock, Hattiesburg
6/16/2016 – Cotton is from 5-13 nodes. Plant bugs are picking up everyday. Some treatments have gone out this week with Glyphosate and plant growth regulators. Rains really helped cotton crop get a jump.
Peanuts are getting gypsum apps and fungicides. Weed control has done well and most fields are extremely clean with exception of the few fields that didn’t get pre’s activated. 50% of acres will be lapped next week. Oldest peanuts are 55 days old. Youngest are 22. No disease as of today.
Corn is from pre tassel to full dent. No problems yet from disease. Stink bugs are picking up. Np treatments as of now.

Reporting from East Mississippi is Phillip McKibben, Maben
The earliest beans and our dryland corn are hanging in the balance. We still have a good potential, but we need water and a lot of it; these showers are helping, but we need a toad strangler.
Our sweetpotatoes are 90% planted, but that’s doesn’t help the fellow’s feelings that still lacks 50%. The crop looks great over all; it’s just hard to believe that cool weather was the main influencer of this crop to date.
Cotton is squaring and finally looking like a crop that we don’t mind folks gawking at from the highway.

Insects have been odd. Flea beetles have been the highest we’ve seen in recent years, and sprays have been directed toward them in potatoes, and so far plant bugs have also been unusually numerous. We had some spots running 2x sweepnet threshold in 5 true leaf cotton.
Lord, let it rain.

Reporting from the South Delta is Billy Bryant, Greenwood
6/17/2016 – Cotton: Plant Bug numbers have been low thus far- just enough pressure to warrant a pin square treatment on most acreage. Some older cotton is ten days out from first spray and will take a few more days for more accumulation to justify a second treatment. Most corn has green silks and not seeing any pressure in adjacent cotton fields at this time. Expecting that to change next week as silks turn. Found high numbers of winged adults out from some early planted corn today up to 14 percent. Mepichlor going out on the deep sand now on cotton with long internodes. Laying off of mepichlor on most acreage now until we get a soaking rain or get closer to layby and the irrigations to follow. Square retention excellent.
Soybean: pest activity has been low as expected. No bollworm activity detected in my area on any crop. Older beans layed by and irrigation ongoing. Majority of acreage at R2. Will be making decisions regarding fungicide in two weeks. As of today seeing some Septoria in lower canopy of oldest beans- no frog eye has yet been observed. Recent gains in the soybean market has growers open minded about fungicide treatment if we see some reasonable profitability there.

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Consultant Commentary – Up-to-Date Information from Mississippi’s Crop Professionals

Reporting from the South Delta is Allen McKnight, Greenville
6/13/2016 – We’re still fighting pigweeds in several areas – a lot of areas didn’t get timely rains to activate pre-emerges. Where it was too wet to go by ground, we used Prefix by air on a lot of them. Everything else looks pretty good. Drilled beans are canopying quickly. Insects are beginning to show up a little. Rainfall amounts have varied – more widely than ever for this time of year – from .1/.2” up to 2/3” in narrow strips.

Reporting from the South Delta is Josh Westling, Flora
6/13/2016 – Cotton is looking better. Has anywhere from 5-8 nodes. Some pin head applications went out at the end last week and the rest will go out by the end of this week.
Early soybeans are anywhere from V6 to R3 and have had very little insect pressure so far. Main problem has been trying to kill weeds. Wheat beans are just emerging and some still being planted.
Corn is from early tassel to late blister. Had very little disease pressure and even less insect pressure so far.

Reporting from South Mississippi is Trey Bullock, Hattiesburg
6/13/2016 – Scattered showers over the past several days have probably covered 75% of my area. Areas that were getting extremely critical for moisture got some really good rains. Some of these fields were corn fields that were in a big bind so these fields will not be great but will make something.
Cotton is really doing good with oldest cotton at 12th node and youngest at around 4th. A few treatments going out for tarnished plant bugs and cotton flea hoppers but nothing on a broad scale. Picking up brown stink bugs in sweep nets on 5th and 6th node cotton today. Aphids are present in some fields but haven’t gotten any worse in a week since finding them.
Peanuts are getting gypsum apps and latest planted peanuts are getting herbicide apps. Pre’s have done extremely well where rains activated. Oldest peanuts are pegging and getting close to lapping in some fields. No real issues in peanuts at the present time.
Corn is from pre tassel to dent. Beginning to pick up brown stink bugs in older corn but primarily on borders around wood lines. No disease pressure at the present or I haven’t found any yet.
Soybeans are from cracking to V-3. Three cornered alfalfa hoppers are extremely high in some fields but nothing has been treated yet. Herbicides going out trying to clean up fields. No other issues.

Report from East Mississippi is Ty Edwards, Water Valley
6/14/2016 – Cotton- All is pretty quiet in cotton for now. Have found a few hot spots (historically hot) in the hills of plant bugs and taken them out of some April cotton. Other than that, the only plant bugs we’ve found have been around pigweeds in a field. Weed control for us has been a nightmare as I’m sure it has for everyone else. Some that know they have pigweed problems have been going back and applying another residual behind the “questionably activated” one, while others refuse to spend much money until we get some semblance of a rain. Got a little bit of 3 cornered alfalfa hopper damage, but the majority of that injury occurred while we were spraying thrips. Cotton ranges from 5th to 10th true leaf. Still a little bit of wheat cotton to be planted.
Soybeans- Picking up a tremendous amount of hoppers, but hoping the seed treatments will keep them at bay a little while longer. Kudzu bugs will be a problem in most of the area I work this year. All the kudzu patches are LOADED with them. Beans range from V2 to R3. There won’t be any wheat beans planted.
Corn- Corn is just a few days from taking it on the chin if we don’t get a rain. A few people got a few tenths this afternoon as I type this, and that’ll hold off disaster for a couple of days, but this corn needs a rain quick. All corn is tasseling at this point. We have now put out all our fertilizer and got it watered in. Zero disease at this point. SWCB have been a no-show.
Sweetpotatoes- A few guys are finished setting, but still a few have maybe a 1/3 left to go. Unfortunately, they’ve been cut off from getting slips for a little while, so they won’t finish any time soon. Our earliest slips have begun to lay down and run, and they’ll get the first plowing soon.

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Consultant Commentary – Up-to-Date Information from Mississippi’s Crop Professionals

Reporting from the South Delta is Jason Grafton, Madison
6/9/2016 – Cotton is looking good this week. We have the weather for sure. For the most part we got good rains where we needed it along with high temps. Most cotton is well past thrips. Have a few pinhead applications going out before the weekend with majority going out first of next week. Weeds continue to be the hot topic. We just thought ryegrass was a problem. Marestail and pigweed are the biggest challenges. When the weeds are a foot taller than the crop a nice pair of binoculars makes for easy scouting. Soybeans range from V2 – R2. Nothing much has been going on in beans other than same challenges with weeds.

Reporting from South Mississippi is Trey Bullock, Hattiesburg
Cotton is from 4th – 11th node. Plant bugs are picking up, especially cotton flea hoppers. Numbers are at or above thresholds in several fields. Aphids are building in older cotton. Noticed some individual plants wrapped up today with a little honeydew forming. Cotton looks good at the moment – hoping for some rain this weekend.
Peanuts are from 20 days to 46 days old. Most fields are relatively clean. Later planted peanuts are getting herbicides and older peanuts got fungicide this week. No insect problems in peanuts at the present.
Corn is at blister with latest corn and 5 collars. Rains this past weekend gave growers a little break from irrigation.
Soybeans are primarily at V-2. Lots of three corners alfalfa hoppers around. No treatments yet but will be accessing fields tomorrow to make decisions.

Reporting from the North Delta is Bill Pellum, Clarksdale
6/11/2016 – There are a lot of pigweeds in a lot of fields. Overlapping residuals does not work if it does not rain. There are also not enough good options even with the rains for these row crops that take so long to canopy. We have some severely stunted cotton in some of these sand blasted fields especially were Reflex was applied behind the planter. Thrips have been bad, but plant bugs have been much lighter than normal. Our older corn and rice is mid-season and receiving fertilize. Wheat is being cut with yields in the 70’s, which is not bad considering all the drowned out acres in these fields.

A photo from Jason Grafton, Madison, “This is what happens when you don’t kill pigweed before you knock row down.”


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Consultant Commentary – Up-to-Date Information from Mississippi’s Crop Professionals

Reporting from the South Delta is Hayes Girod, Madison
6/6/2016 – Cotton is looking pretty after weekend rains that were greatly appreciated. Cotton is ranging from 2nd node to 5th. Still treating thrips on younger cotton that hasn’t received a rain. Where we received good rains it seems to have knocked back thrips pressure. On the older cotton we plan on lining up a pinhead application this week. Let the fun begin.
Soybeans are ranging from planters running due to finally having good moisture to R2. It hasn’t been a lot of action in the soybeans at this time.

Reporting from South Mississippi is Trey Bullock, Hattiesburg
6/6/2016 – Rains since last Thursday range from .2 to 4+ inches, mostly .5-.7″. Rains gave a little relief to growers watering corn. Peanut herbicides were activated and got enough moisture to get cotton and soybeans up that were in dry soil.
Insects are pretty low in all crops at the present time. Picked up a few plant bugs in older cotton today and aphids are present at extremely low numbers in a lot of fields. Growth regulators and glyphosate apps will go out on the oldest cotton this week and more herbicide apps on later cotton.
Oldest peanuts will receive fungicide apps where rotation is a little off and where fields are close to lapping.
No big issues at the present time. Crops look really good for now.

Reporting from East Mississippi is Mitch Leflore, Eupora
6/7/2016 – Overall crops looking better after much needed rain fall this past weekend. It had gotten very dry.
Cotton: anywhere from 2nd to 8th node, thrips and cut worms been taken care of, waiting on plant bugs to show up. Main pest having to deal with is left over resistant mares tail.
Soybeans: cotyledon to R1. Post herbicide sprays being made. Pre’s weren’t activated because of lack of rain in some spots. Have had to add insecticide to herbicide to control bean leaf beetles and alfalfa hoppers.
Peanuts: post emergence application being made. Some peanuts are just now emerging after the rain.
Sweet potato: 30-40 percent of the crop is set out – most had to stop setting because of short plant beds due to the lack of rain. Few granulated cut worms showing up. Having to spray grass because pre is not getting activated. Plants set out are looking good.

Reporting from the North Delta is Bob Stonestreet, Clarksdale
6/7/2016 – Cotton is from 4th leaf up to 8th nodes. Thrips pressure was heavy earlier but cotton is safe from thrips now. Plant bugs remain light. Our main issue is to catch up on weed control. We’re dodging sand blasted acreage in Coahoma and Quitman County for the time being
Soybeans are just emerging to R2. Weed control is variable depending on rain to activate pre-emerges.
Milo is at V10 and no sugarcane aphids found, as yet.
Corn is beautiful at V12 to VT. Weed control is excellent due to adequate rains early in the season.

Reporting from the North Delta is Lee Boyd, Merigold
6/7/2016 – 70-80% of rice has gone to flood. Started mid-season fertilizer treatments the end of last week and continue to fight glyphosate drift.
Soybeans are from V2 – R3 and beginning fungicide treatments. Insect pressure is very low. Our main issue is pigweed control – love Liberty Link beans!
Corn is waist tall to full pollination with low insect pressure and little to no disease pressure, which is odd considering the amount of rain we’ve had in the last couple of weeks.

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Consultant Commentary – Up-to-Date Information from Mississippi’s Crop Professionals

Reporting from the South Delta is Virgil King, III, Lexington
6/2/2016 – This year has been a very difficult one in our area so far. Too wet for too long and then too dry to plant after doing field work. Growers have been working hard to water crops up where possible. Still struggling to get stands of cotton and soybeans, however we did just finally get some showers this week that will definitely help. We have been treating cotton for thrips on all farms. Thrips pressure has been extremely high and we have some fields that have had to have two treatments. Our cotton at this time is from not planted to 8 nodes with the most at about 3-4 nodes. We are still trying to get some beans planted but all the ones we have up have not had any insect problems in them. Our peanut crop looks great at this time. First time in a couple of years that we did not have any peanuts with some valor damage on them. We have some weed pressure coming at this time and will be addressing it. It has been around 30 days since planting. Our corn crop has been in need of a good rain. Crop at this time is from v10 to early tassel. Rains this week will help turn around some of our dry land corn, however we did have some corn that had winds and is on the ground.

Reporting from South Mississippi is Trey Bullock, Hattiesburg
6/2/2016 – Cotton is from cotyledon to 8th node. Picking up light plant bugs in sweep net this week in older cotton. Cotton flea hoppers are easy to find but not at treatable levels. Scattered showers are building every day somewhere. Some isolated fields in a couple of counties got over 5 inches Tuesday evening. Most areas are still dry but afternoon showers being around gives a little hope.
Peanuts are receiving herbicide applications this week. Growers are trying to get most fields treated hoping for rain this weekend. No major issues in peanuts at the present time. Gypsum will be applied on older peanuts starting next week.
Corn is from 4 leaf to early dent. Irrigation systems have been running non-stop. Most corn is full tassel. A few fields were sprayed with fungicide this morning. Corn looks really good at the present.
Soybeans are not planted to V-3. No issues other than dry weather.

Reporting from East Mississippi is Bert Falkner, West Point
6/3/2016 –Three-fourths of my area is very dry with the rest only getting scattered showers. Corn is from V8 to early tassel and is being watered. Nitrogen applied through Y-Drop application is disappointing. It all needs a rain.
Soybeans are from early bloom to still in the sack. We had to quit planting 7/.10 days ago due to lack of moisture. Pre-emerges didn’t get rain to activate. We’re seeing more and more pigweed every year in this area. Found an area with grape colaspis.
The majority of my cotton is 3-5 true leaves with some wheat cotton being planted now. Have watered some cotton to get it up and activate herbicides. Cotton came up with thrips on it and they have been persistent all year. All of ours has been treated once and some twice. I treated small acreage today for 16% plant bugs.
Peanuts are at 35 days and we’re seeing blooms in a few places – monitoring thrips. A rain would solve lots of problems. Applying post-emerge weed control and will lay-by after a rain.

Reporting from the South Delta is Haley Easley, Greenwood
6/4/2016 – It’s been a long planting season. Some fields still not planted but we received rain most everywhere here the last few afternoons. Should have moisture to finish the last few dry places. Only pest problems are pigweed and thrips. A lot of pre-emerges were not activated. Recent rains will bring more up and should start lay-by on beans this week.

Reporting from the North Delta is David Dubard, Cleveland
6/4/2016 – Cotton is anywhere from just emerged to 8 nodes. Weed control is the biggest issue at this time. Insect and disease pressure is low. Soybeans are all over the board from just emerging to R4. We’re battling weeds in places.

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